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- The Hidden Wiki 2023 Contest -

Dear Wiki Users,

Here is the successor of our 2021 contest, let's continue the tradition here!

Once again, we're trying to do something that nobody has ever tried before us: we're putting up a contest here at the Hidden Wiki, and we're giving away FREE MONEY!!!
That's right: every visitor of this site can earn a little money with the Hidden Wiki, by perfectly legal means. It's not gonna be an amount which is going to make you rich, but hey: almost zero work required to get it!
We're asking a simple thing from our users, and we're honoring each and every entry $15 (fifteen dollars) in the form of Bitcoins.

So, what do YOU need to do to earn $15 here? It's easy:

1,) Anywhere on the clearweb*, make a good post / reference to our new, v3 domain address. (That is: http://hwiki5eqmw4y34awgalgk44g5m57k5gexwcel2ojmfusm6d2lslx4sid.onion). For example, if you have access to a forum somewhere, make a good post about us. Tell the forum users that you like our site, and why do you like it. Let them find their way here! Or if you have a good link list on the clearweb, put us up there with some kind words. Or if you are a youtuber, make a Youtube video about your experience here. The main things are: let others know our new v3 link, AND write some good things about this site. Whatever you like.

2,) Write an e-mail to In that e-mail, post the full link where you mentioned us, you can even post a screenshot if you want. Also, send your Bitcoin address where you want to receive your $15.

3,) After we have verified that you really did the work, we WILL send you the Bitcoins.

It's THIS easy. Earn $15 with less than 2 minutes of work. Earn your first Bitcoins.

Welcome to the Deep Web, welcome to the Hidden Wiki!

* The small print:

- No Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or other social media. The link/article you're posting must be visible for everyone, without further registration.
- All payments are gonna be paid after a 48 hour waiting period. That means, your post/article MUST stay there at least 48 hours, to qualify for your money.
- We're not asking anything illegal. Don't hack, don't spam, don't abuse anything. Just make a post / reference on a place you already have access to.
- If English is not your primary language, no problem. You can make your article in any language you wish.
- Maximum 2 entries per person.
- No registration is needed on the Hidden Wiki to enter the contest. Guest users can also enter.
- The contest will be closed after 200 successful entry. So we're sending BTC to max 200 persons, then the contest will be over, and removed from this website. So hurry, don't waste your time!
- If you have access to a site with great viewership (for example, you are a youtuber with great number of subscribers, or you are a journalist who wants to write a good paid article), you can contact us for a unique deal.

(Note: The e-mail we mentioned above will be used EXCLUSIVELY for the contest, and only during the time of the contest. Sending an e-mail with any other topic will be completely ignored.)

Thank you, and we wish you a very good and joyful 2023!
Be safe, everyone.

-- The Hidden Wiki Team